Loving Tesla, Embracing Nature

To have an innovative idea and turn it into a real product it takes some great courage and money to invest. Sometimes when I’m reading about the most influential or wealthiest people in the world in most of the cases I see a basic idea behind their product which brought richness to them. Basic meaning that their idea relies on simple needs of human kind which is a great benefit to all of us. Most of my reactions are “pfuu, why didn’t I think about this, such a simple idea assuring an advantage to people”.

This year in March Tesla launched their newest car, the Model 3. As you know Tesla produces electric cars, they are building their whole “empire” on solar electricity and green energy. Elon Musk had a vision many years ago and the courage of confront the whole world of petroleum and gasoline. Think about the middle and far East who’s richness is assured by natural resources and its exploitation without any limit. There are thousands of Unicef campaigns which are militating for helping 3rd world’s countries but they are taking away much more then how much they are giving through these add campaigns. We are not entitled to judge but we have the right to connect things, to read behind the lines and to make a strong opinion about global aspects.

Considering the killing curve of CO2 in the atmosphere which drastically increased in the 21st of century and continues to do so we can only embrace all initiatives which are relying on green energy. Gigafactory, the world`s largest lithium ion cell producer and Tesla are definitely one of the most environment sensitive initiatives focusing on global warming, pollution and natural resource exploitation. So we have two solid reasons to pay more attention to this brand, one is our love for cars and the other one is lining up to environmental protection. We love green, no wonder that this is the main color of our branding 🙂

Tesla will bring significant life style changes, already did for those who are driving a Model S or Model X. It is still considered to be an expensive car, although launching the Model 3 should bring a more affordable product to the market. If you take a look on their charging map it’s pretty obvious that their cars are available only in Western Europe, wealthiest countries are having superchargers all over the places while Eastern European countries are not even planning to open any supercharger stations. For a total outsider (read: not a Tesla owner) it seems that you need to plan very well a long trip to be able to get from one station to the next one even if there are 3608 superchargers in the Tesla network, if you are off power and blocked on Road 66 you cannot even stop another car asking for gasoline. I’m pretty sure their mapping is a strategical one but this was my first impression when I checked the world map more closely. The latest model runs 345km range per charge so this is the fact on which you can rely when going to a long trip.

Tesla Model 3

The shining Model 3

Tesla by launching its 3rd model is still aiming to attract forward thinking and passionate customers. Model 3 will have autopilot hardware, 5 adults will be able to sit comfortably due to the fact that they moved forward the front sits increasing the leg room. The roof area is a continuous glass panoramic giving the feeling of total openness. The car has front and back trunks so if you are having a big family vacation you can bring the cat, the dog and the hamster too. At Tesla they don’t make slow cars so you don’t have to worry about the engine and speed, of course the brand is mainly focused on safety. Safety feature is in the basic package of every car, no extra cost is being charged to their customers. Model 3 is being promoted as a car at affordable price without compromising the quality and performance. This model has a supercharger capability assuring freedom of travel (ok, my concern about the station mapping might be irrelevant in this case) and anyhow Tesla is planning to double the superchargers to 7200 till the end of 2017. Beside their own charging stations they have destination charging stations too, meaning that if you are the owner of a pub, restaurant, hotel, motel or any other public place you can get 2 free wall connectors attracting Tesla customers to your local business. It’s a win-win idea, both you and Tesla will have great benefits of this.

Model 3 was launched on the 31st of March, 2016 and in 3 days they received 276,000 pre-orders. The price of this model is $35,000 USD. According to Elon Musk Tesla wants to sell 500,000 cars annually by 2020. Delivering of Model 3 starts at the end of 2017, some rumors are saying that production might have significant delays and be ready only for 2019. Even so we hope they will manage to get ready in time, to meet customers’ expectations and respect all the environment aspects which they promised at Model 3 launch.

Nature is speaking and we should hear its voice. We embrace the campaign of Conservation International, an American nonprofit environmental organization, who is activating in more than 30 countries and managed to protect millions hectares of land and marine so far. Their campaign “Nature is speaking” involves many famous faces by giving their voices to these fantastic videos which should ring some bells in our head. We love Tesla to support nature hoping that one day we might become Tesla owners.

Over Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa has joined Autofactor in the beginning of 2015 and we have been benefiting from her skills ever since. She’s taking care of planning in all of it’s aspects and makes sure that project managers, developers and customers deliver as promised. Her ‘gentle reminders’ also frequently go out to Hans, by the way.

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