Goodbye Yellow Canary

Sometimes we need to dream small like going to a city break, buying something nice in the office, going to a dinner with the colleagues or winning on lottery (heh!). You probably observed on Our Team page that we have Dr. Boobo in our office (don`t worry, this is not a fundraising article although it`s not a bad idea collecting money from readers, maybe this way we could actually go to Palma di Majorca 😉 ). This “guy” is actually a smartass, he gets bigger and bigger everyday as we constantly feed him with coins. He never asks for it but he is very well aware that we have extra motivation to get him “bigger”. And when Hans contributes too this is getting a big, fat, sloppy big…getting us confused on what exactly we should spend the money :))

At the end of last year we had several ideas for dr. Boobo`s budget. One of the craziest ideas was to get a yellow canary in the office. New colleagues can bring new skills in the team, especially a canary, maybe the bird could learn coding and we could assign heavy stuff to work on it. But then the top management turned to be a showstopper in this, and of course the weekends too when nobody is in the office and the canary should be taken home by somebody from the team…transporting a small bird during winter turned to be a mission impossible. So no yellow canary in the Autofactor office, maybe when we move into an office like this on the below picture, we will get a canary…

Discussing planning for 2017 with the management team on the beach in Valencia

By a few rounds of brainstorming we ended up of needing a terrarium in our office, a nice and doable idea. Plants are simple, if you pay attention how to watering them, they can be very thankful. So the research of how to do a terrarium started, reading a lot of articles, watching demos helped us to create the final list of what we need for a terrarium. The glass pot seemed to be the hardest one to get, we visited a local glassblower who was very nice but couldn`t help us because of the pot`s shape we wanted. We contacted the biggest regional glass factory too but we didn`t have luck with them either as they sell pots in wholesale quantity so producing one piece is not an option for them. Ferenc met somebody who is working at a factory which was producing glass products many years ago. They stopped glass production but they still have a warehouse full of old pots on stock. When we got inside that storage it was heaven on Earth, glasses all over the place, pots of all kind of shapes…so yes, this is what we needed. We found what we dreamed of.

In case you want to build your own terrarium, this is what you need: a container, gravels, horticultural fabric, charcoals, soil and plants. After deciding what type of plants do you want to have, tropical or rainforest ones, make sure you won`t buy more then 3-5 plants otherwise the terrarium gets crowded.


The layering of all these “ingredients” is important, not only from aesthetic point of view but also from practicality point of view as gravels assure that extra water drains down, charcoals keep the soil fresh and fabric keeps soil away from gravels. Closer containers hold more humidity and create a jungle-like impression, these require less maintenance too. You need to put your terrarium on a well-lit location but not to the direct sun as it will burn or cook your plants.

While building the terrarium some of us are trying to „hack“ the CSS of RocketChat

Terrariums can reduce stress, admiring plants can reduce blood pressure leading to a higher quality of life. You already know if you are a regular reader that we are more than fans of electronic cars, green energy and environment protection. So building our own ecosystem it`s just a small gesture of loving nature and admiring its beauty. Doing something else then coding it also means that we have fun working in Autofactor team. This year you`ll see more similar blog articles about having fun as we have some great plans for 2017!

Building the terrarium step by step

Über Zsuzsa

Seit Zsuzsa Anfang 2015 zu Autofactor kam profitieren wir von ihren Fähigkeiten. Sie kümmert sich um die Planung im weitesten Sinne und stellt sicher, dass Projektmanager, Entwickler und Kunden wie versprochen liefern. Ihre "freundlichen Erinnerungen" landen übrigens auch oft bei Hans.

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