Autofactor Team is Skydiving while Helga is out

Yes, we know, you haven’t read any blog post from us long time ago. We did not forget about you dear reader, we were here working hard on finalizing Helga, finishing a couple of commercials and launching this software for a few customers. It’s been a busy summer with its ups and downs. Now that the autumn is here things are getting a bit stabilized, of course our workflow is still crazy and planning everything which is on our pipeline is pretty challenging.

This is not the first time when I say that we are lucky. At the end of September a part of our development and management team was invited in The Netherlands to the Grill Masters event organized by In de Wal B.V. This wasn’t just an ordinary grill party, it was the commercial launch of Helga to the large public. More than 300 people gathered at In de Wal’s headquarter from Zwolle to see what exactly this Helga software does. Imagine something like at the Oscars’ Ceremony…red carpet moments, public speeches, movie trailers and applause.

You see? Red carpet and group photo in front of Helga banner at the Grill Masters event (sorry for not having a better quality photo)

Colleagues and friends were getting together for a glass of wine (ok, not just one) and productive discussions about future projects and plans. Meeting the In de Wal team for real, connecting names with faces and real voices was a warm feeling, hand shaking and smiles were all around the place…yeah finally Autofactor development team was there. For us who are sitting behind the monitor all day building and maintaining the Helga and Biddo it was quite scary (yes, this is the right word) seeing that everybody uses the software made by us. This time was for real, somehow till now we though we are still in soft launch period while the product is only being tested. So we quickly grab a beer to get courage to realize that yes, this is for real now, no more testing phase, no more pre-launch period and no more maintenance mode on the live server. We are responsible for far away too many people’s work and the quality of the software which runs their business.

And as you know us and you could read in many previous blog articles, we like to combine work with pleasure. Beside me, Ferenc, the master of Helga and Zsolt, the master of Biddo joined us to the trip to NL. Since I’m a choosy girl I travel only with masters to make sure that every minute spent is a qualitative one…no no, don’t worry we tried to get all brilliant minds in one place who have a huge role in building these software. Hans was responsible for the planning of this trip, having a surprisingly well prepared schedule for the whole week while we were there. During the day we were working and discussing about workflow improvements and future plans, in the afternoons we had fun and at night we dined with customers and external partners who are helping our work. It is a company policy to get to know each other better, to find out more about each other’s life, issues, problems, future plans, real estate investments :), etc.

Love this photo a lot, nice people in a nice restaurant…I just learned that hugs are for resolving immediate tasks asap

One of the days while we were in The Netherlands Hans took us to indoor skydiving. You don’t want to know how it was at first, we were sh**ing in our pants but still eager to jump into the tube…after all this was a great opportunity to believe that we can fly. And we did fly each of us in our own way, helped by a professional instructor to whom gravity means almost nothing. Once in a while might be challenging to test our limits, to see how far we can go and how much fun we can indulge. This was followed by a nice dinner of course when we could calm down a bit after all that adrenaline.

Happy scary faces in skydiving suits

Between the boat trip in Den Bosch and the Skydiving in Roosendaal we had the chance to review/discuss a bit our team setup, future internal resource allocation, workload planning, pipeline planning, communication methods, daily workflow changes and many other stuff which will take us closer to successful project implementation.

Boat trip in Den Bosch…ehh if I’m not doing the group photo these guys won’t do any photo for sure

Although it’s almost the end of the year we have new energies and enthusiasm to change a few things internally. We learn every now and then thanks to the feedback coming from clients too that there is always room for improvements. Project management methodologies are more than welcomed in the moment when we start growing. Communication channels and management methodologies need to be changed when projects with big magnitude are running parallel in our office. Since every customer of us is important, some of you having already running software for years now, some of you coming with new ideas, effort needs to be split between monthly maintenance and development time. As long as there are new ideas and new challenges, we are willing to learn, grow and go deep into new products.

As I said like we would be at the Oscars, a bunch of “thank you”s should be listed here for many of you who are reading this but I keep it simple: Hans thank you for this great week in The Netherlands!

Über Zsuzsa

Seit Zsuzsa Anfang 2015 zu Autofactor kam profitieren wir von ihren Fähigkeiten. Sie kümmert sich um die Planung im weitesten Sinne und stellt sicher, dass Projektmanager, Entwickler und Kunden wie versprochen liefern. Ihre "freundlichen Erinnerungen" landen übrigens auch oft bei Hans.

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