Trash Alert!

We are destroying our Planet, and this is an irreversible fact. I’m not an environmentalist, I do not attend public protests and I’m definitely not a very loud social media...

The Exciting Future of 2019

Every year in January we try to make a retrospective of what we did in the previous year. This year we decided to do it differently by not looking back...

Biophilia Temptation

There are certain moments when man feels the urge to go back to nature, disconnecting from all technological advancement. There are fields of activities where people are isolated inside buildings...

Knowledge is the New Money

“No one is too young to lead, and no one is too old to learn” – Kofi Annan died in August, 2018 at the age of 80. This article is...

The Sinking Feeling of Being Watched

A lot has been happening in the last few months around users’ personal data. The news was all around Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and the Cambridge Analytica hysteria. Although that...

Being Agile while Tasting Good Wines

We combined again work with pleasure. In the last few years we constantly grew and improved ourselves, either by accepting new projects, or learning new technologies, by bringing in new...


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