Biophilia Temptation

There are certain moments when man feels the urge to go back to nature, disconnecting from all technological advancement. There are fields of activities where people are isolated inside buildings sitting all day in front of some kind of machine. It is a similar situation with software developers too, meaning with us.

We started hiking in the early morning hours…coffee tastes differently in the forest 🙂

Reconnecting to nature is always a good escape from everything what means civilization. Sometimes having a sandwich and a bottle of water in your backpack is all you need to disconnect from the world. Picking a nice and sunny day for hiking and inviting a few friendly faces with you can guarantee a total recharge with positive vibes.

If you are a returning reader on our blog, you already got used to the idea that we love to travel. We go all around Europe and we go into the wild nature too. Two years ago, Hans did a great promise to Mateusz of going up to Tatras mountains from Poland. Early this year he made another promise of having a team trip up into a Transylvanian mountain, letting us pick the place. A bunch of IT people reconnecting to nature by going into the woods.

Daily Scrum meeting in the forest about what to do today 😉

We’ve chosen the Zespezel mountain of 1278m high which could be easily hiked in one day. If you want to see the most beautiful mix of autumn’s color, go to the forest, go up to a mountain from where you can look around and admire the trees dressed up in late summer or early autumn’s colors. Make sure that you go either in September or in October, we’ve chosen the first weekend of October and we got the most amazing “painting” ever seen. Orange, yellow, red, purple, green, brown, all these colors mixed with super clean, fresh air, with silence and bird songs. The only noise is coming from your colleagues…the rest is pure nature.

On top of the mountain

Hiking is also about doing some exercises, putting yourself into motion, stretching your legs and arms, letting a bit of dynamic into your blood pressure. And at the end of the day you feel that sweet tiredness coming from the all-day walking. Beside the visual and physical experience, we got also some adrenaline…on the road from the forest we observed in a few places bear footprint and some “teddy” poo…yep, you read it correct. Seeing it in his wild, natural environment is not the same experience as seeing it on National Geographic Wild channel on your full HD television. Suddenly you start reevaluating your life, your heart beats faster and the only hope you can have is that you can run faster than the last one from your friends. And trust me, bears from Transylvania are not so sweet as Winnie the Pooh.

Priceless view from the top of the mountain

Scientists are saying that genetically we are some biophilia creatures. We are attracted, and we love nature due to some biological evolutionary reasons. There is a natural love for babies, flowers, plants in the house and an urge to save animals, our natural love for life helps sustain life. Once a very talented sales person told me that 3 things can be sold in this world: babies, puppies and sex. Seeing commercials with babies or puppies instantly makes us smile, we feel joy. Something similar happens when seeing nature. Thousands of studies prove the positive effects of being in nature, after all we evolved under the care of Mother Nature 🙂

Sign of pure nature

We should be having this type of trips more often, really. We should kill our laziness, gather our energy and go up into a mountain. Our spiritual health would increase significantly, our productiveness would be higher. We could do customer meetings up in the mountains where wiser decisions would come out of it. Zero internet, zero technology and civilization would make us realize how many natural beauties are in this world besides Valencia, Bergamo, Leco, Bratislava, Seville, The Netherlands, Warsaw, Tallinn, Baku,  Debrecen and Lisbon (I stop enumerating places where we’ve been to avoid making you envy us).

They are going to be punished for this…seriously…IT geeks

Over Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa has joined Autofactor in the beginning of 2015 and we have been benefiting from her skills ever since. She’s taking care of planning in all of it’s aspects and makes sure that project managers, developers and customers deliver as promised. Her ‘gentle reminders’ also frequently go out to Hans, by the way.

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